hair closures

Hair Closures: An Increasingly Popular Option

Lace Closures have become increasingly popular in South Africa and other countries throughout the globe. For people of color, these hair closures provide easy changes in style while waiting for short hair to grow back or damaged hair to become more healthy. While not yet mainstream in North America or Asia, closures provide distinct advantages over other hair solutions. The benefits describe in the list below make closures worthy of further exploration.

A lace closure leave the roots exposed, allowing for a greater realism. This also keeps wearers from having to dye their own hair to accommodate the color of an extension or weave.

Closures are sturdily attached to the head. They are typically sewn into tightly-arranged hair like close braids or cornrows. They can also be taped or glued, though these methods are less common. This ensures the closure lays flat on the head and will not come out when pulled, brushed, or subjected to wind.

Closures have the added benefit of protecting one's own hair as it heals and grows. The lace (or silk) base comfortably covers real hair while protecting it from the sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, and other elements.

They do not require the potentially damaging heat needed for extension. As a result, they can be attached with no harm to existing hair.

There are two types of closures, lace and silk. With a little effort, lace is more realistic-looking, because the base does not need to be dyed. It also lays flatter against the scalp. Application is also quicker and easier. However, it usually requires some ongoing maintenance that can be done oneself.

Silk has the benefit of not having to be bleached. It is more realistic-looking from the outset, because its texture mimics that of the scalp. It also hides the knots required to attach it to real hair. While thicker and therefore more protective, this thickness makes it a little harder to make flat when attaching it. Silk closures also tend to last a little longer.

lace frontal closure (or lace frontal) is a hair solution for the front part of the head. It is a quick, easy alternatives that provides an inexpensive change in style. It offers many of the same benefits as other closures, including scalp protection and little impact on the hair underneath.

Women of color who are looking for an inexpensive but realistic hair solution should act now, before the increasing popularity of closures drives up cost. That way, they can enjoy the distinct style and many protective benefits closures provide.